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RCE Wellbeing Hub Registration Form

Personal Details

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Emergency Contact Details

We require emergency contact information as we do not have access to any clinical records.

We would only use your emergency contact in an emergency (i.e you were taken to hospital unwell).

Help us know where we need to promote more!

We are eager to know where you found out about us and why you are attending RCE Wellbeing Hub.

By answering these questions you can help us know where we need to promote ourselves to reach a wider range of people.

Courses Available this Term

Please indicate which course(s) you would like to book onto for this term.

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Otherwise please choose your chosen courses and start dates from the selection below. You will receive an email confirming your booking within 3 working days.

Supporting Your Learning

We understand that you may have specific conditions (e.g. Dyslexia) that may create additional needs (e.g. coloured overlays).

We encourage you to use the resources/support you already have available, to help you in your learning.

And remember, you're welcome to bring a friend or supporter to help you. They just need to register and enroll on the course you're attending.

To ensure the best learning experience, please answer the following questions as fully as possible.

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Equality and Diversity Monitoring

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Student Expectations

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You will -

  • Tell us as early as possible if you're unable to attend a course
  • Arrive promptly (around 5 minutes before online sessions start) and with an open mind
  • Take responsibility for your own learning
  • Use the learning resources made available to you
  • Update the College of any issues preventing you from getting the most from your courses
  • Respect our Group Agreement for each session
  • Treat all students, volunteers and staff with dignity and respect
  • Not to use any discriminatory or oppressive language or behavi
  • our

Consent for sending further information

RCE Wellbeing Hub occasionally receives information from other teams within CPFT, or from our partner organisations, about events or activities that may be of interest or benefit to our students.

Please note: we would not share your contact information with any third party we would simply email or post information to you on their behalf.

We need your specific consent to contact you about these external events and activities.

Please indicate your preference below. (You can change your mind at anytime.)

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